О чем договорились Трамп и Путин по Сирии

Пока информации крайне мало, но отдельные фразы и слова, намеки и догадки, собранные воедино позволяют нарисовать приблизительные контуры договоренностей.

Продолжение: http://naspravdi.info/novosti/o-chem-dogovorilis-tramp-i-putin-po-sirii

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The first Putin-Trump meeting yields… …something very close to nothing

First, we have the manner in which the Americans have been preparing the G20 summit. As we all know, in diplomacy actions count as much, or even more, than words. Here are just a few of the actions recently taken by the Americans in preparation for the G20 summit and Trump’s first meeting with Putin (in no particular order):

The US rejected the joint Russian-Chinese plan to defuse the crisis over the Korean Peninsula even though that plan was simple, straightforward common sense and, frankly, the only game in town to avoid war.
The US accused the Syrian government of preparing a chemical attack and warned of a “heavy price to pay”.
The US sent its bomber of overfly the Chinese islands in the South China Sea.
The US accused Russia of destabilizing Eastern Europe.
The US threatened “severe consequences” against North Korea.
The US declared that it would deploy Patriot missiles in Poland to protect the Poles from the Russian Iskander missiles (-: LOL! Good luck with that, my Polish friends :-)
The US also promised the Poles US LNG to “secure Poland’s energy independence from Russia” (-: and good luck with that too, my Polish friends :-)
The US sent a Polish F-16 to intercept Russian Defense Minister’s civilian (and long announced) aircraft in international airspace over the Baltic Sea.
The US sent a guided-missile destroyer near Triton Island in the South China Sea
The US withdrew from the Paris climate agreement.
The US criticized German trade practices.
The US criticized China for its trade with the DPRK.
The US accused China of “trade rape”.
Going down this list, you got to admire the American sense of timing and diplomacy…

But, seriously now,

It does not really matter ......
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