Вашингтон приготовил Киеву нож в спину

«Вашингтон Пост», это одна из старейших и влиятельнейших газет США. Ее знаковые материалы являются зачастую прелюдией к будущим серьезным политическим шагам и изменениям. А потому выход статьи Джоша Коэна "Звучит неправдоподобно, но у Украины и России существует путь для достижения мира" стало для Киева не просто событием, а холодным душем, и даже ножом в спину. Итак, к чему должен готовиться Петр Порошенко с точки зрения Вашингтона.

Продолжение: http://naspravdi.info/novosti/vashington-prigotovil-kievu-nozh-v-spinu

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ES71: Since when is Ukraine is a part of the civilized western world? If Russia is an"evil empire", so is Ukraine. They are remarkably similar countries , but Ukraine is many times more corrupt and lawless.

Michael DeStefano: Look, it’s simple. Just look at who showed up at Maidan from the US and it tells the whole story; Nuland, who's neocon husband Kagan co-authored PNAC and it's 'full spectrum dominance' credo and McCain, who has no idea if he's a republican, a neocon chameleon or a traitor and security threat to his country in a perpetual delirium of warmongering tirades against Russia.

These characters played Ukraine to the hilt as their useful idiot. Couldn't wait 4 months for new elections, eh? They could have, should have but it simply ran in conflict with their agenda, to use their useful idiot appointee Yatsenyuk to finish the job the US's other asset, Yushchenko, started but failed to complete, the cancellation of the Russian lease on Sevastopol...and of course, a speedy invitation to follow for NATO to occupy it.

Sorry that the cookie crumbles as it does, but neither the Crimeans nor Russia were to have any of that foolishness.

As far as Mr. Cohen's proposals go on resolving Crimea...there's nothing left to resolve. Fait Accompli. Just as Slovenia's secession went without international uproar, so went Crimea's, uproar or not, civil strife to follow or not.....and so shall it remain.